Talia Shepard Nipple Peek
Top model and all round beauty Talia Shepard is at home dressed in a tight pink top and a short black mini skirt.

The straining fabric of the top emphasis Talia’s huge tits and the skirt shows off her gorgeous long legs.

The brunette babes long hair is presented in a pair of loose pigtails, giving a real cute look.
Standing in front of her large double bed Talia Shepard begins to slide her top up over her midriff. Frustratingly, as her top arrives to the underside of her huge boobs, she drops it back down and giggles provocative. She then begins to pull at the top of the garment, straining the fabric as she pulls it down over her huge tits to reveal two perfect, pert nipples.
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With her massive tits now on show Talia Shepard turns around and paces a hand on either bum cheek. Using the friction created between her hand and the skirt she slowly and seductively pulls it down to reveal some stunning blue panties, the lines of which emphasis what a great ass Talia Shepard has.

With the top still revealing Talia Shepard’s boobs, she turns to face us and begins to slide the panties down.  In a state of obvious arousal this exposes her now glistening pussy.  She falls  onto the bed, on all fours, her hand sliding between her legs to gently caress her pussy lips and the jewel hidden inside. She rolls onto her back giggling then to your delight her hand strokes at her pussy as she lets out yelps of delight.
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Talia Shepard Masturbates
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