Sexy Blonde Babe Gisele
Stunning all American blonde babe xoGisele looks so hot in her tight white top and matching panties.

Her hair is arranged in two plaited pig tails and she is about to take a shower.

Knowing she has an audience turns the blonde porn babe on.  The tight white T Shirt reveals her pert nipples erect with anticipation

xoGisele twists around to show you are sexy ass, part covered by the white panties.  Her hand playfully rides across her ass then she places it between her legs and you are sure you see her slip a single finger deep into the fabric.

Turning back to face you xoGisele forcefully pulls down the top at the front, revealing a stunning pair of huge tits.  They look much bigger framed by the neckline of the T shirt then they did when contained within the clothing.

Next she takes down her panties, no pausing or teasing this time, she means business.  You can clearly now see Giseles pussy, obviously wet with anticipation.
Giseles Sexy Butt

With a giggle she dives into the shower, beckoning you to stand by the door and watch.  a the water falls it glistens on her tight body, cascading over her tits, flowing down her body until is disappears between her legs.

Grabbing a sponge she lathers up some soap and rubs  the  loose soapy bubble all over her huge tits and pussy.  To you delight, after removing the sponge from the shelf, you both notice a large rubber dildo behind, which xoGisele grabs, rubs on her tits and then proceeds to suck.  I always though showers were to get clean, not dirty!
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xoGisele Sexy Tits
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Sexy Autumn Riley In The Shower
Wow, stunning brunette babe Autumn Riley is taking a shower.  As a bit of a tease, she is doing it in her tight white t-shirt and hot pants – and we all know what happens to tight white clothes when they get wet.

The brunette porn star is soaking herself all over with the shower head and this has made the top see-through, so we can all admire her sexy pert breasts and wonderful figure.

As she gets wetter she turns to face us and pulls down the front of her already soaking t-shirt to reveal her tits in all their glory with her nipples standing proud.

But that’s not enough for Autumn Riley, the water running down her tight body and between her legs, over her tight little pussy is making her so aroused. She lifts up the t-shirt, over those sweet tits, showing her sexy tattoo.

With this, she is now soaking, and not just from the shower!  The water gets her aching and with this the shorts come off, showing Autumn Rileys pussy in all its glory.  As quick as a flash she turns around to reveal her perfect, peach smooth ass, with her tits popping back out the top of the top as she pulls it down to try and cover her modesty.

Most people go in the shower to get clean, from what we have seen so far, Autumn Riley does it to get dirty. I am sure that you want to see the rest of the pictures from this photo shoot to see how dirty she got.
Authumn Rileys Sexy TitsAutumn Riley Getting WetAuthumn Rileys Hot Ass
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