Hailey Leigh About To Show Her Pussy
Glancing across the room at you is Hailey Leigh.  She looks irresistible in her purple top and white and pink two tone panties.

She is in an obvious state of arousal, with her nipples standing proud and visible through the tight fitting fabric.  And those nipples will be your first reward, as Hailey Leigh reaches down and peels the tight fitting purple top up towards the nipples, but not stopping there.  She lifts the top over her stunning breasts and knowingly stares at you, proud of the control she now has.

The top is removed over her head and the freckle porn babe stands naked all but her panties looking glorious.  Your eyes snake down her body towards her pussy.  The fabric of the panties is clinging to Hailey Leigh’s pussy, giving you a hint of the delights to come.  Turning around, Hailey Leigh reveals the back of the panties, again, perfectly picking out the shape of her hot young ass.
Hailey Leigh Panties In PussyHailey Leigh Removing Her PantiesHailey Leigh Naked
Tucking a thumb in the top of each leg of the lingerie, Hailey begins a slow and seductive teasing routine.  As the panties are slipped down, they reveal a little bit of ass or just the hint of pussy, before being pulled back up and deny you your reward.

Eventually your patience is rewarded as Hayley turns away from you, finally pulling down the panties to reveal the smooth tight skin of Hailey Leighs peachy ass.  She turns round to reveal her tight pussy and you notice a sweet pink piercing peeking from between the tight lips.
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