Bryci In Leather
Hey, what the fuck are you looking at, rages Bryci!

Looking up, you see she has entered the room and your jaw drops.  She is squeezed into a fully laced up leather look mini dress that is straining at the front under pressure from her awesome tits.

Her legs are clad in matching boots, laced up the back Bryci is a stunning sight.  She hold in her hand a riding crop that she cracks through the air with a sinister smile.  She places  the leather crop up to her face and runs it seductively through her mouth, slowly licking it up and down its hard leather shaft.

Quickly she turns round and slowly leads forward, revealing much to you delight, she is without panties.

This lends you a great view of her per ass and briefly you glimpse her now glistening pussy.

Again she cracks the whip through the air.  Look up at my face Bryci bellows.
Bryci In Fetish GearBryci Rubs Crop On Pussy Bryci Needs Pussy Licking
The sultry brunette babe continues with the crop around her mouth, her breath getting a little shallower as she is obviously becoming more aroused.

Again she turns around and in a flash, places the large dark leather shaft of the riding crop between her delicious looking pussy lips and slowly begins to tease her clit with it, rubbing it up and down and gasping with delight.

The crop is removed from between her tight lips, revealing a soaking wet, juicy channel from where it came.  Brycis voice has now changed.  Do you like what you see she purrs.

She spins to face you and recovers herself, lifting the front of the tight dress to show her dripping slit she yells, I bet you would love to lick my cunt, wouldn’t you!
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